Board games have long been a tool of bonding and social fun for families across the globe. While times have changed and the advent of video games and game consoles have kids concentrating more on these kinds of games, parents should actively encourage kids to play board games, too. There are many benefits to be had from playing this old-fashioned kind of games.

1) They Develop Social Skills

Board games are games that you simply must play with other people, and in this way they guarantee that your child will be actively interacting with at least one person (something that video games don’t!). When board games are played often in a group, children learn to talk to others and compete in a non-violent way.

2) They Develop Language And Strategy Skills

Depending on the type of board game, your children can sharpen their language and strategizing abilities by playing. For example, word games like Scrabble and Upwords help kids learn new words and reinforce their own vocabulary. More advanced games like chess and Monopoly really push your child to think ahead and make decisions, and help stimulate them intellectually.

3) They Learn Life Lessons

Playing board games is a good way to subconsciously instill certain messages into your children. A good example of this would be the game of snakes and ladders, which teaches kids that life is a game of chance at times. However, no matter the circumstances, you should keep playing and get to the very end. It’s a very subtle message, but it does get across through this game.

Games like Monopoly also help teach kids more practical lessons like how to manage their money and assets, and to be careful when making decisions. If they lose a board game, children also learn to deal with their frustration and sadness (with a little encouragement and comfort from you, of course).

4) They Gain Self-Confidence

Winning board games after playing against others helps kids feel confident and happy, and as they sharpen their skills after playing a game numerous times, they learn to trust their abilities and play with their heads held high. However, they also learn not to let confidence get to their heads as they may lose a game by luck or if they play against someone more experienced.

The benefits of board games offer make them fantastic toys for kids, and these are one of the few games you can play with your child and enjoy just as much as they do! So, why not have a board game session today with your child?